Director, Infrastructure & Technologies
  • Career

Philippe is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supelec), specialized in electronics and embedded computing.
He began his career in 1987 with Thomson CSF – Laboratoires Electroniques de Rennes, designing video processing hardware and software for defense applications. In 1992, he turned to professional civilian applications of video technologies and got involved with the conditioning and encryption of audiovisual contents for transmission over a wide variety of broadcast and Telco networks. In 1998, he initiated the Thomson group research & development efforts for the transport of professional-grade video over IP networks. Until 2012, he promoted the dedicated transport and Error Correction technology and became a major contributor to international standard bodies like Pro-MPEG & SMPTE. Philippe is a member of IEEE, an Executive member of SMPTE and an honorary member of the Video Services Forum.

  • At b<>com

Philippe was appointed Infrastructure & Technologies Director in June 2014. From January 2013, he was in charge for the architecture, deployment and operation of b<>com’s technical infrastructure, supporting both research and administrative teams.