Process and distribute my audio, video or immersive content

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Video conversion and optimization Video Processing family

Video conversion and optimization tools for broadcasters

Adaptative HDR Converter - teaser produit - b<>com b<>com Sublima

Perform real-time HDR conversions without compromise on the artistic intent

video optimization b<>com Wisdom

/smart VFR optimizer/

private 5G networks dome b<>com Dome

<antifragile private 5G>

Spatial audio family - spectateurs avec casque - bcom Spatial Audio family

A family of audio plug-ins for more immersion

Dicom Family - teaser produit - bcom DICOM family

Interoperability, anonymization, and standardization


Holography is the ultimate 3D display technology, providing the most natural, comfortable and immersive visualization experience without causing eye strain.

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