Accelerate and automate the deployment of my interoperable digital infrastructure

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private 5G networks dome b<>com Dome

<antifragile private 5G>

formation 5G b<>com *Training* services

To support you in your digital transformation and the deployment of wireless technologies

Flexible Netlab - teaser produit - bcom b<>com *xG Testbed* services

Experience a full-scale 5G/IoT journey

Wireless Family - teaser produit - bcom Wireless family

A family of software radio products for developing your own transmitting/receiving channel

Dicom Family - teaser produit - bcom DICOM family

Interoperability, anonymization, and standardization

Spare Cloud Allocator - teaser produit - bcom b<>com Spare Cloud Allocator

A smart and private collaborative solution to get the best of unused IT resources.

Industrial 5G : public networks VS private networks
[industrial 5G] Private 5G network VS public 5G network
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Livres blancs 5G industrielle
[white paper] SMEs and SMBs: get on board for industrial 5G
A white paper and a guide on industrial 5G were published in March 2023, the result of the work of[...]
Patrick Savelli
Embedded 5G, a first at Embedded World
b<>com will be present at the Enclustra booth at Embedded World from March 14 to 16 to present the[...]
b-com at MWC 2023
MWC 2023: A head start with antifragile private 5G b<>com *Dome*
Head to MWC from February 27 to March 2 to see what's new with b<>com *Dome*, our antifragile[...]
b-com Acome Alsatis
The manufacturer Acome opts for b<>com *Dome*, alongside operator Alsatis
Chosen by French manufacturer Acome, which specializes in the production of high-tech cables, the b[...]