European projects

EDIH Bretagne

The EDIH project, for European Digital Innovation Hub, aims to help companies meet digital challenges while making them more competitive. EDIH helps them improve business and production processes, products or services using digital technologies. 

The EDIH counters provide innovation services, financing advice, training and skills development. The project also aims to improve the sustainabilitý of processes and products, including energy consumption and carbon emission reduction. Counters are established at the regional level, to be as close as possible to companies while benefiting from the European network.  

EDIH Bretagne, founded in 2023, aims to be a major player in the digitalization of the Breton territory. Within the project, b<>com proposes offers on different products to support companies in their cybersecurity, in the transfer of imagery, predictive analysis or even real-time 3D monitoring of objects.

Partners : 
Representatives of economic sectors and industries:
Agricultures et territoires, ID4Mobility, EMC2, Pôle Mer, Valorial, Vegepolys Valley, UIMM, Mégalis Bretagne

Members of the consortium :
Images & Réseaux, Bretagne Développement Innovation, 7Technopoles Bretagne, Pôle d’Excellence Cyber, Le CNAM Bretagne, Inria, IMT Atlantique, Biotech&Santé

Competence center :
Campus des métiers et qualifications d’excellence, BreizhFab, ECS, Cap’Tronic, eitDigital, CCI Bretagne, Photonics Bretagne ,Ouest Valorisation

Period : 2022 - 2025

More infos : https://dih-bretagne.eu