"go where others have yet to treads..."

In 2012, for the first time in France, a group of companies, private and public academic institutions decided to invest, alongside local authorities and the national government, in a center that would accelerate technological innovation in the digital field.

Researchers, teacher-researchers, and engineers started working together at this center on common technological solutions.

b<>com was born.

Be a part of innovation

Joining b<>com means contributing to technological research projects that do not exist anywhere else. At b<>com, concrete innovations are born and find purpose in a multitude of industrial fields

Joining b<>com also means reaching the highest level of your profession, whatever your position. Each one of us builds a part of the structure through our commitment, professionalism, human qualities, and passion.

Choose a field to excel in

Our employees find themselves faced with real technological challenges. To meet these challenges, they must adapt, talk, share and help each other constantly. This is facilitated by the many skills that can be found and feed off one another within the IRT.

With many disciplines and a melting pot of talent from multiple backgrounds, joining b<>com will expand your professional network while giving you a boost in skills, regardless of your course of study.


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Take advantage of the strength of our uniqueness

As an Institute of Research and Technology (IRT), b<>com is proud of its hybrid structure: Neither a traditional private company, nor a public research center, b<>com sits at the border of both worlds. This ease of crossing between them is a challenge in itself, which forces us to be creative and constantly reinvent ourselves.

Joining b<>com means navigating between technological, economic, societal, and environmental issues without ever losing sight of the goal: Technological innovation for the common good.

Humanize your work environment

Offering high-quality working conditions has been key to our adventure since the beginning. Our premises have been designed with intelligent, light-filled spaces.

The many social areas, exercise rooms, and meeting rooms encourage interaction and exchange.

The good work-life balance is appreciated by the employees.

Your individual success will be our team success

b<>com is proud to be diverse in every way. The mix of skills, backgrounds, cultures, origins, and experiences make it an inclusive company.

We work in a climate of trust where everyone can flourish, in which our corporate culture encourages us to build each other up.

Active listening and gentle management encourage initiative and autonomy.


The Institute of Research and Technology signed a gender equality agreement in June 2022, and has earned a 99/100 score for the year 2021 on the workplace equality index from the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

b<>com’s people in their own words

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