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The 5G-OR demonstration project aims to establish the next generation of a 5G-enabled operating room (OR) ecosystem to improve patient outcomes. The value of 5G will be shown in 4 relevant use cases in 3 OR test environments equipped with interoperable 5G infrastructures in hospitals in Strasbourg, Berlin and Mannheim.


  • Creating a demonstrator of a Franco-German 5G private network application ecosystem for hospitals with a specific focus on the (OR) environment
  • 5G-OR is centered around two concepts that together will define the next generation of a 5G-enabled OR ecosystem intended to improve patient outcomes
  • Enabling better diagnostics, more accurate and precise operations, and fewer complications by data-driven and AI-assisted surgery within a digital OR as the foundation for the following surgical revolution
  • Testing the communication technology 5G, and later 6G, as the backbone for efficient, digital, and AI-based healthcare, especially in the hospital

In the 5G-OR project, b<>com is both the provider and installer of the entire 5G network infrastructure for the four experimental use cases. This infrastructure will be distributed across b<>com’s site in Rennes, with network control functions, and the data transfer entities will be located at each experimentation site.

Partners : Berlin Charity University Hospital, SectorCon, Fraunhofer, IHU Strasbourg, Reutlingen University, Rhythm Diagnostic Systems, Karl Storz Endoskope

Period : 2022-2025

More info : https://franco-german-5g-ecosystem.eu/5g-or/