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Overview b-com b<>com Overview

/AR scales up/

b-com relief b<>com Relief

User-centric science

service formation b<>com *Training* services

To support you in your digital transformation and the deployment of wireless technologies

Boost AI - Teaser produit - bcom b<>com *AI Coaching* services

Developing my competitiveness thanks to artificial intelligence

interaction design for systems b<>com Ngagement

Une nouvelle génération d’outils XR, conçus pour minimiser les risques et optimiser la performance humaine de vos systèmes complexes.

Annotate - teaser produit - bcom b<>com Annotate

A surgical workflow editor and analytics tool

human pose augmented reality b<>com Human Pose

Markerless 2D/3D Human Posture Estimation

b<>com and HDG put human at the heart of industrial innovation
Increasingly, manufacturers are placing human factors at the heart of their development. Objectives[...]
Article laval virtual
b<>com Overview: Revolutionizing 3D Localization and Augmented Reality in Industry 4.0.
Just days before the Laval Virtual expo dedicated to the immersive technology industry, IRT b<>com[...]
Catherine Boutheon
[interview] After the success of the b<>com *Training* services, launch of a consulting offer
Created in September 2022, b<>com *Training* services help businesses train their teams to rise to[...]
b-com at Laval Virtual 2023
Laval Virtual: Immersive technologies for the digital twin
The 25th edition of Laval Virtual, the flagship event for immersive technologies, takes place from[...]
health technologies
Technologies to make life easier for patients and their families
Augmented reality, virtual reality, or even 5G private networks have opened up many possibilities[...]
Artificiel Intelligence Genomics
When Artificial Intelligence fights rare diseases
To facilitate the diagnosis of genetic diseases, b<>com has been working with the University[...]