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service formation b<>com *Training* services

To support you in your digital transformation and the deployment of wireless technologies

Boost AI - Teaser produit - bcom b<>com *AI Coaching* services

Developing my competitiveness thanks to artificial intelligence

Ngagement - tesaer produit - bcom b<>com Ngagement

A new generation of interaction design to boost your systems’ conception.

Annotate - teaser produit - bcom b<>com Annotate

A surgical workflow editor and analytics tool

Artificiel Intelligence Genomics
When Artificial Intelligence fights rare diseases
To facilitate the diagnosis of genetic diseases, b<>com has been working with the University[...]
Jerome AR cloud
"Without an AR Cloud platform that can run unified, interoperable 3D maps, I don't see how mass adoption of AR will be possible”
The European project ARtwin imagines the future of industry and construction through Augmented[...]
Industrie 4.0
[industry 4.0 use case] b<>com improves working conditions and production in the factory
How does b<>com's offer, by combining interaction design, artificial intelligence and human factors[...]