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Accelerate and automate the deployment of my interoperable digital infrastructures
Protect my users, secure my data and content
Exploit my data, boost my business processes
Process and distribute my audio, video or immersive content

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  • 2012: year of creation
  • 300 people
  • 12 nationalities
  • 40 products, services & formations
  • 500 patents
  • 19 european projects
  • 19 investors
  • 7 000 m2 scientific campus
  • 22 awards


Augmented intelligence and energy efficiency to meet industrial challenges
By boarding augmented intelligence and energy efficiency at the heart of its technological projects[...]
Euro 2024 broadcast in HDR: a one-off operation or a real trend?
M6 chooses to broadcast Euro matches in HDR on DTT. Is this a one-off operation or an underlying[...]

b<>com is a private French innovation center…

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… that pioneers, designs and delivers technologies to companies that want to digitally boost their competitiveness. Its technologies are developed to address digital infrastructure, the cultural and creative industries, health, defense, and industry 4.0.


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