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Accelerate and automate the deployment of my interoperable digital infrastructures
Protect my users, secure my data and content
Exploit my data, boost my business processes
Process and distribute my audio, video or immersive content

2 cyber innovations to discover in preview

from June 7 to 9

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  • 2012: year of creation
  • 401 people
  • 12 nationalities
  • 25 technological solutions
  • 377 patents running
  • 16 european projects
  • 30 investors
  • 7 000 m2 scientific campus

b<>com is a private French innovation center…

facade du campus bcom
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… that pioneers, designs and delivers technologies to companies that want to digitally boost their competitiveness. Its technologies are developed to address digital infrastructure, the cultural and creative industries, health, defense, and industry 4.0.


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