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private 5G networks dome b<>com Dome

<antifragile private 5G>

Tag_camera b<>com Tag

*Tag* protects images that protect you

Terminal authentication - teaser produit - bcom b<>com Serenity

Multi-factor authentication using device fingerprinting

Dicom Family - teaser produit - bcom DICOM family

Interoperability, anonymization, and standardization

Ultra marker - teaser fiche produit - bcom b<>com Ultra Marker

Video forensic watermarking

bcom - Gaetan Le Guelvouit
[Expert Interview] b-com at the European Cyber Week 2023
Organized by the Cyber Excellence Hub, the 8th edition of the European Cyber Week 2023 will take[...]
Interview reveal Gaetan Le Guelvouit Cybersecurity
bcom - Gaetan Le Guelvouit
[interview] Cybersecurity: Threats, challenges, and guardrails
Cybersecurity issues are constantly in the news. COVID-19 has seemed to accelerate the[...]
cybersecurity, watermarking solution, cartesian
b<>com and Viaccess-Orca make a clear round at the Cartesian watermark evaluation
Viaccess-Orca and b<>com announced that their Dynamic Watermarking solution has undergone a[...]