Emmanuel Cordonnier

Director eHealth
  • Career

Emmanuel Cordonnier is a recognized expert in telemedecine and medical data transfer. Entrepreneur & researcher, his career brings him from SSII to Research and then entrepreneurship.

Emmanuel Cordonnier graduated from ESME Sudria with an engineering degree, majoring in electronics. He began his career in 1980 at the company SESA, which was later acquired by Capgemini. At SESA, he created an “image” business line that specialized in connected 3D imaging. In 1989 he joined the University of Rennes 1 and the university hospital as the director of CERIUM, a laboratory devoted to developing prototypes for new 3D imaging technologies, diagnostic stations, medical imaging networks, computer-assisted surgery, and telemedicine, in partnership with businesses. In early 1997, CERIUM’s team created ETIAM, a small business specializing in medical image communication that Emmanuel headed until 2011. This company became the European leader in communication solutions for digital medical imaging tests on CDs/DVDs, and later over secure Internet connections. ETIAM has invented or co-invented several worldwide standards like expanding the DICOM standard to the Web and video, as well as clinical document sharing. Emmanuel was co-chair of IHE-Europe and DICOM worldwide.

  • At b<>com

Emmanuel joined b<>com and its Connected Healthcare lab in 2013, and has been eHealth Director since late 2014.