IT Services and R&D Platforms Manager
  • Career

He received a degree in engineering from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie (ENSSAT) in Lannion in 1994, then joined the Centre National d’Etude en Télécommunication (CNET) in the multimedia communication services department. In 1999, he joined France Telecom R&D in Rennes, working simultaneously on distributing video content on broadband networks, multimedia terminals, and unified communications services (TV, Internet, Mobile). He left R&D in 2009 to join the teams at Orange Business Services, taking over a product line relating to cloud solutions for Web 2.0 service development. This eclectic career led him to assume various responsibilities, as a research engineer, a project manager, and finally a business product manager.

  • At b<>com

He joined b<>com as It Architect & Business Manager when it launched in 2013 in order to actively contribute to design & build the Institute's infrastructure, both for IT (networks, computing, storage, etc.) and in its buildings (conference centers, equipment rooms, etc.). Since 2015, he manages the IT team to tightly support the projects & customers.