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b<>com Dome

The sovereign choice in 5G private networks
    © Fred Pieau
    © Fred Pieau
    © Fred Pieau


    b<>com *Dome* is a sovereign, 5G standard-compliant, private mobile network that is flexible and easy to manage, allowing organizations to improve their business through advanced digitalization and secure connectivity.


    • Fast installation, IT-like operation and provisioning procedures
    • 100% software-based and cloud native implementation
    • Data Privacy through isolation
    • Guaranteed Performance and Quality of Service
    • Smooth migration path from 4G networks
    • Automatic network capacity adjustment
    • Compact & cost-effective solution for private/corporate operators


    5G Core Network.

    Supported Radio Technologies:

    • 5G, 4G
    • NB-IoT (coming soon)


    • Unified SIM-based cellular authentication (EAP-AKA, EPS/5G-AKA)
    • Network Threat Detection and Response (coming soon)


    • Data plane Quality of Service enforcement
    • Local Breakout


    • Deployment on standard IT equipment
    • Cloud-Native Functions
    • Kubernetes orchestration
    Mathieu Lagrange - Bcom
    © Fred Pieau

    Mathieu Lagrange

    Networks & Security Director

    We aim at proposing wireless solutions for private networks that are fully software-based, and fit perfectly into the IT infrastructure of our customers. Our solutions come with a set of supervision, provisioning, and deployment tools that are already pretty familiar to IT engineers: they allow automating as much as possible their day-to-day tasks.

    Fast and reliable connectivity of machines, sensors, actuators and screen terminals on the factory floor.

    High Broadband Private Mobile Radio services on power plants.

    Support to Public Safety First-Responders from their headquarter during emergency situations.

    Coverage of live events on venues, festivals or densely populated places with wireless production equipment.

    Wireless data connection of medical equipment in Hospitals to enhance their flexibility of use.

    a new demo of b<>com *Dome* is available! 

    Discover how *Dome* allows you to quickly and easily deploy a secure and sovereign private network under any circumstances. Here is an illustration with the use case of a temporary venue: a festival. 

    Use the form at the bottom of the page "request a demo"

    reveal demo dome
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