[IBC 2023] private 5G, HDR, and VFR: between live demo and new solution

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Don't miss b<>com at IBC 2023! There will be a live demo presentation of b<>com *Dome*, a private 5G network solution for broadcasters which won an award at IBC 2022. At our stand you’ll also be able to watch the launch of a new intelligent solution for deleting unwanted images from videos, thereby saving storage and energy, but with no loss of quality. The b<>com *Sublima* HDR converter will be on display at our own and our partners’ stands too. Come and see us at the French Pavilion - Hall 2, stand B39d - and book your private demonstration today.

/broadcasters, come and test your plug & play 5G solution/

Already awarded last year at IBC, b<>com’s *Dome* is back this year but in a live demo! Come and try this compact, private 5G core network solution for broadcasters and integrators for effortlessly deploying a 5G bubble with unrivaled quality of service and security.

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antifragile private 5G IBC 2023
  • Contribution to broadcasting*Dome* enables the deployment of temporary 5G radio coverage (i.e. a single-use connection) at remote broadcast production sites, and the live retransmission of images and sound captured on location to production studios.
  • Production: In the context of such temporary coverage, *Dome* also lets you process audio/video streams on-site, locally or from external broadcast sites (OB van).
    Check out the demo in partnership with Haivision: the production of sports or cultural content via temporary, private infrastructure that enables the use of wireless cameras, connected to the mobile private network via Haivision's 5G transmitters, or the use of the MoJoPro mobile app. These video streams are captured by the cameras, transmitted over the 5G network, then received, decoded and distributed by the Haivision distribution platform Streamhub.
  • Studioswith the b<>com *Dome*, TV channels and audiovisual content producers can organize their studios flexibly within their premises, using wireless microphones and cameras.

/video processing: launch of an intelligent solution for more efficiency/

How can you delete unwanted images from videos, thereby saving storage and energy, but without any loss of quality? 
Check out our brand new smart variable frame rate technology
, b<>com *Wisdom*. Where other VFR solutions take no account of the content itself, but simply vary the number of frames according to the bandwidth available, b<>com *Wisdom* allows you to select the minimum number of frames in an optimized way, considering content and context.
It reduces the bit rate of compressed videos by up to 15%, with fewer frames to decode on the receiver side. The same technology can be used on the source before encoding, saving up to 40% uncompressed images to be stored and/or distributed to content providers.

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smart VFR optimizer IBC 2023

/HDR converter: market recognition/

Our double award-winning HDR converter, b<>com *Sublima*, offers a unique adaptive HDR conversion solution for all types of video content.

This year, you'll also find the b<>com *Sublima* on the stands of our partners EVS and Apantac.

A new demo will be available on our stand. AMD and Intel FPGA boards, with which our solution is directly compatible, will also be on display.

Award winning HDR converter
  • Different peak brightness profiles to suit different types of production: from 203 to 1000 nits.
  • A round-trip without loss of quality is guaranteed.
  • Dynamic adaptation to content characteristics.


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