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Turns out there’s another problem with AI – its environmental toll by

AI uses huge amounts of electricity and water to work, and the problem is only going to get worse – what can be done? Read more

Carbon footprint AI


'Electrified Cement' Could Turn The Foundations of Buildings Into Giant Batteries by

Scientists are constantly searching for better ways to store renewable energy, and MIT researchers have now found a way to turn cement and an ancient material into a giant supercapacitor. Read more

electrified cement


How do we make more energy? - Technology Untangled on

The world is in a state of flux when it comes to energy production. Australian coal is being bought up by China as fast as it can be mined, Europe is coming to terms with Russian gas supplies being a bargaining chip in international politics, and the US is grappling with how to produce more energy whilst meeting green targets and keeping people in mining areas employed. So how can countries realistically become more energy independent in a sustainable way with the tech that’s viable today? Listen

Technology Untangled podcast


World Water Week 2023

World Water Week 2023 is focused on innovation at a time of unprecedented challenges. The theme Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World invites us to rethink how we manage water. Which ideas, innovations, and governance systems will we need in a more unstable and water scarce world? Learn more

World Water Week 2023