Best Tech Stories around the web #366

strawberry feather star antartica


The New York Times prohibits using its content to train AI models by

The publication has updated its T&Cs to include rules that forbid its content from being used to train artificial intelligence systems. Read more

New York Times refuses AI


Scientists Just Discovered a ‘Strawberry-Like’ Antarctic Invertebrate With 20 Arms by

Another day, another terrifying sea creature for our fragile human minds to process. A team of marine scientists say they’ve confirmed the existence of a bevy of new species living around Antarctica. One of these apparent discoveries is an invertebrate that somewhat resembles a strawberry, albeit with 20 arms. Read more

strawberry feather star antartica


AI recreates clip of Pink Floyd song from recordings of brain activity by

An artificial intelligence can guess what a song sounds like based on patterns of brain activity recorded while people were listening to it. Read more

AI recreates Pink Floyd


Mars is spinning faster and its days are getting shorter. Scientists aren't sure why by

Radio-wave data from NASA's InSight mission has provided the most precise measurement of Mars' rotation rate ever made. Read more

Mars spins faster