Best Tech Stories around the web #353

Human celle camouflage like squids


50 Years Ago, the First Cell Phone Call Was Made on This DynaTAC Dinosaur by

On April 3, 1973, a man named Martin Cooper was walking through the streets of Manhattan carrying something no one had ever seen before: a cell phone. As he strolled, he made a call, and he made history. Today is the 50th anniversary of that revolutionary moment. How far we’ve come. Read more

Martin Cooper 50 years cellphone


Four for the moon! NASA names Artemis 2 astronaut crew for 1st lunar mission since Apollo by

The space agency on Monday (April 3) announced the four astronauts who will launch on its Artemis 2 mission to fly around the moon. The crew is expected to become the first moon voyagers since the Apollo program. Read more

Artemis 2 crew


Scientists Engineer Human Cells to Have the Camouflage Ability of Squids by

Squids and octopuses are some of the most mesmerizing creatures of our oceans, endowed with a unique ability to fluidly change the color and transparency of their skin. This gives them an almost otherworldly aura — and to the scientists trying to understand the mechanisms behind their active camouflage, they might as well be. Read more

Human celle camouflage like squids


Ageism in tech on

Nora young gives a look at the pervasive age-related stereotypes that have seeped into the technologies we use and the implications of that on aging populations. Listen

Spark with Nora Young


Laval Virtual

The 25th edition of Laval Virtual, the flagship event for immersive technologies, takes place from April 12 to 16. Learn more

b<>com will be present! Augmented reality, virtual reality at the service of the digital twin will be at the heart of the technological demonstrations of our experts. Read more