Jean-Yves Aubié


Image, Vision & Immersion lab Manager

Jean Yves Aubier - bcom
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  • Career

Jean-Yves Aubié is an electronics engineer from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes (INSA) and microelectronics at Supelec. In 1987, he began his career at Thomson CSF - Laboratoires Electroniques de Rennes, where he took part in many projects centered around images, from content creation to distribution (video codecs, integrated circuits, video servers, multiplexers, etc.). In 2010, he joined Civolution, a leader in watermarking audiovisual content, and took responsibility for two product lines: digital cinema (DCI) and protecting content before their public release, which has led him to work with studios from around the world.


  • At b<>com

He joined b<>com in 2013 as the Manager of the Image, Vision & Immersion lab. He mainly works to define new audio and video formats: HDR, holographic 3D, spatialized sound...