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The institute b<>com takes particular care to abide by the legal obligations required of all website publishers, and follows the recommendations of France's data privacy and digital rights commission (CNIL).
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The institute b<>com does what it can to provide accurate information in good faith. However, the information relayed on this site does not form a contract between b<>com and the site's reader. Any prices and other conditions of sale are given for information purposes only, and are subject to errors and changes.
You are permitted, without prior express consent of b <> com, the following actions:

  • Citations which respect the author's right to attribution and integrity by citing their name and the source. The citation must be both a short excerpt from the original publication and a short insertion into the publication it later appears in. The citation illustrates a statement and must not compete with the source publication.

Using so many citations as to constitute a compilation is considered to be a derivative work, and is therefore subject to the prior agreement of the author or copyright holder.

  • Creating a link, provided that it opens a new, separate window of the browser, and that the page that the link leads to is not embedded inside other pages of a different site, particularly through the use of frames, belonging to the linked site.

In other cases, and in particular:

  • if you want to display the logo of the institute b<>com
  • if the contents of the site "" are to be integrated into the appearance of your site, particularly through the use of frames
  • if the pages containing the link to the site are behind a paywall

You must request authorization from the institute b<>com by writing to:
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The request for authorization to reproduce content must specify which content is being sought, as well as the publication or site where it will appear. Once this authorization has been obtained, that content may only be reproduced under these conditions:

  • it is distributed for free
  • the integrity of the reproduced documents is maintained (no edits or alterations of any kind)
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  • an icon representing the website is inserted.

In all cases, the institute b<>com reserves the right to request that a citation or link be removed if b<>com believes that it violates its editorial policy or could harm its interests.
Without prior authorization, the following is prohibited:

  • Reproduction other than for strictly personal and private purposes, regardless of the medium (hard copy, CD-ROM, Internet, intranet, company network, etc.).

b<>com does not necessarily (and is not obliged to) pre-moderate all data submitted by you to b<>com through its website. However, b<>com reserves the right to moderate all comments and posts on its website and to delete off-topic comments and posts. b<>com reserve the right to also delete sexist, homophobic, racist, obscene or otherwise offensive content; self-promotional content ; or any post with personal attacks or someone else's personal information.

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