NAB 2019: b<>com tech in the spotlight

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 6 to 11, 2019), b<>com technology will be visible at multiple partner booths: Dolby, UHD Forum, Harmonic, BBright, Merging Technologies, Embrionix, and Intel.

After twice being selected for Futures Park, this year b<>com chose to join the Business France Zone in the South Upper Hall to highlight its SDR-HDR conversion solutions.

Several b<>com technology bricks will be visible at our partner booths:

Dolby will be demonstrating [HDR-SDR] conversion using the b<>com *Universal HDR Converter Box* module at its own stand. Dolby and b<>com have been working together for months on real-time technological solutions so that HDR can be efficiently applied to live TV rebroadcasts. According to Jean-Christophe Morizur, Senior Director for Pro Products & Solutions at Dolby Laboratories: “Dolby is happy to work with partners who can meet the challenge of large-scale HDR production. That’s exactly what b<>com has demonstrated with its HDR-to-SDR conversion technology.”

Ultra HD Forum: The alliance to accelerate the deployment of the Ultra HD system will present b<>com [SDR-HDR] converter in its “roundtrip” version. Besides converting SDR content into HDR format in real time, the technology makes it possible to return to SDR format with no loss of quality.

Harmonic will present an exclusive demo of Dynamic Frame Rate Encoding in the Future Zone section of its booth. This technology can optimize the number of encoded frames in HDp60 format with no loss of quality. The solution makes it possible to save up to 36% of the frames, making it easier to store, encode, decode, and transport the data. Furthermore, b<>com [SDR-HDR] conversion will officially launch at the show, integrated into Harmonic media server and media processing solutions, covering production, playout, and content distribution applications. "Our engineers have been working with b<>com's teams for several years on video compression and conversion issues. It's gratifying to be able to highlight the resulting technologies at NAB", says Tim Warren, Senior Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer at Harmonic.

BBright will present its UHD-Play that incorporates b<>com [SDR-HDR] converter.

Merging Technologies: b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox* will be presented again by the Swiss company, with the commercial launch of Pyramix 12 incorporating the “VR Pack”: pre-installed b<>com 3D audio tools.

Embrionix will be exhibiting an SFP module at its stand that incorporates b<>com [SDR-HDR] converter.

b<>com will announce also the availability of its [HDR-SDR] conversion solutions on the Intel FPGA acceleration platform A10 PAC. b<>com is member of the INTEL FPGA Design Solutions Network since 2017.

Also of note: Enensys(SU6102), which has been working with b<> com on 5G and broadcasting issues, Aviwest(C2613), which is developing tomorrow’s video rebroadcast systems with b<>com and Viaccess-Orca (SU9226) will also be present at the NAB Show.