Best Tech Stories around the web #291


"(...) the Department of Defense asked if we can design a small, portable cap that can measure and modulate the brain health of warfighters during sleep to enhance their performance." Paul Cherukuri, executive director of Rice’s Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering


World’s most powerful MRI scanner delivers its first images - from inside a pumpkin by

The world’s most powerful MRI scanner, which could have profound implications in diagnosing neurological diseases, has delivered its first images - of a pumpkin. Read more



This walk-in climate greenhouse is the first mass-produced solution for microgreen gardening by

Design studio oberhauser has unveiled the emotioncube microgreen, the first complete solution for microgreen gardening in the gastronomy and hospitality industry. the structure takes shape as a walk-in climate greenhouse with liquid crystal glazing (PDLC) and integrated infrared lighting which provides microgreens with an optimal growing climate. in addition, the climate-regulating tuff stone floor provides the perfect humidity in the interior. Read more



LEONARDO is a fusion of bipedal walking robot with flying drone that masters a slackline by

researchers at caltech have built one of the most nimble humanoids, dubbed LEONARDO — an acronym for ‘legs onboard drone’ —  that can switch between walking and flying. using leg joints and propeller-based thrusters, LEO is a fusion of a bipedal walking robot with a flying drone that can achieve unusual locomotion maneuvers that even in humans demand a capacity of balance; like walking on a slackline, skateboarding or even fly the stairs instead of walking them. Read more


Citroën Imagines ‘Skate’ Rideshare With 360º Spherical Tires & Swappable ’Pods’ by design

Citroën is out to redefine the concept of urban mobility, and it’s doing that through The Urban Collectif, a partnership with Accor and JCDecaux. Born of this is the automobile manufacturer’s latest concept: ‘Skate’. Read more



US Army funds ‘sleeping cap’ that could modulate brain health of soldiers by

After experimenting with exoskeletons, performance-enhancing drugs, and AR goggles to develop super soldiers, the US military has taken a punt on a brain-modulating skullcap. Read more



Watch a live talk on biophilic design and sustainable materials with Oliver Heath by

Dezeen and surface brand CDUK teamed up to host a conversation with designer Oliver Heath on biophilic design and the importance of using sustainable materials. Read more


IT Arena, October 7-9, 2021, Lviv - Ukraine & Online

After a year of virtual, IT Arena 2021 returns as a hybrid event. Set to take place on October 7-9, IT Arena aims to maximize opportunities for live networking and in-person communication, while staying connected to a global audience via its flagship online platform. Productive networking, business matchmaking, and festival spirit remain IT Arena trademarks, but this year, adapt to the socially distanced reality we’re living in. How will the format change this year and how can you join? Register here