Best Tech Stories around the web #288

Nvidia Canvas

This week: Nvidia releases a canvas tool that turns blobs into realistic landscapes, researchers develop a snake-like robot that is able to burrow through sand, 4 tech-oriented podcasts you should be listening to, Airspeeder reveals its first electric flying racecar and get your virtual pass for MWC from June 28 to July 1st, 2021.


Nvidia’s Canvas AI painting tool instantly turns blobs into realistic landscapes by

AI has been filling in the gaps for illustrators and photographers for years now — literally, it intelligently fills gaps with visual content. But the latest tools are aimed at letting an AI give artists a hand from the earliest, blank-canvas stages of a piece. Nvidia’s new Canvas tool lets the creator rough in a landscape like paint-by-numbers blobs, then fills it in with convincingly photorealistic (if not quite gallery-ready) content. Read more


Tunneling snake robot takes cues from nature to keep its head in the sand by

Robots are great at exploring land, sea, sky and space, but one environment that’s trickier for them to navigate is through the ground. Now, engineers at UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) and Georgia Tech have developed a snake-like robot that uses a range of methods to burrow through soft sand or soil. Read more


4 tech podcasts you should be listening to by

Learn about the cloud, get your Apple fix, navigate the business of software, and more with these must-listen tech podcasts :

Tech podcasts


Airspeeder says it had the first successful test flight for its electric flying racecar by

Airspeeder says its electric “flying” race car, the Alauda Mk3, has had its first unpiloted test flights in southern Australia. The craft, an electric vertical takeoff multicopter (abbreviated eVTOL for electric vertical take off and landing) was remotely controlled and the test flights took place under the supervision of Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Read more


MWC, from June 28 to July 1st, 2021

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