Advanced Media Coding

Most of tomorrow's media formats are likely to improve the immersiveness of content. The challenge is transforming the experience of viewers and users by putting them in the middle of the action or information they're looking for. All the universes are connected: Television, movies, games, advertising, co-working, surveillance, the web, and more. The Advanced Media Coding lab builds tools that allow publication, storage, and sharing for and by the general public.

The Advanced Media Coding lab researches new aspects and dimensions of images (both 2D and 3D) and sound (spatialized audio) in order to increase the realism and impact of content. It develops tools and solutions aimed at facilitating the adoption and production of these future formats by industry professionals, and ultimately by the public at large. For example, b<>com has developed a suite of plug-ins that allow sound engineers to easily produced spatial audio content, for reasons that include virtual reality applications. The lab designs compression systems that allow widespread use of this hypermedia content.

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