The aim of the Institute of Research and Technology (IRT) b<>com is to accelerate the development and marketing of tools, products, and services for improving everyday living, through research and innovation in digital technologies. In concrete terms, b<>com innovates at the highest levels in the fields of hypermedia (ultra-high-definition images, 3D, smart content, and virtual and augmented reality, to name a few), ultra-high-speed fixed and mobile networks, and its starting field of e-health.

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Luis Ibañez meets b<>com

b<>com, LTSI (University of Rennes 1) and CRITT Santé invited Luis Ibañez from the Kitware company on June 18, 2014.
Luis Ibañez meets b<>com

UHD/HFR footage - b<>com and Sprayfilm

b<>com shoots horse-racing footage

b<>com took UHD and HFR videos as part of its work on the video formats of tomorrow.
b<>com shoots horse-racing footage

Eye Tracking Day - Day 1

Positive Feedback from the Eye Tracking Day

The 2014 edition was held in Paris on June 5 and 6. Jean-Marc Diverrez, R&D Engineer at b<>com's Usage & Acceptability laboratory, attended as the event's Coordinator/Organizer.
Positive Feedback from the Eye Tracking Day

innovation fields

b<>com innovates in 3 main fields:

  • Hypermedia (ultra-high-definition images, 3D images, smart content, virtual and augmented reality, etc.)
  • Networks & Security (ultra-high-speed and upcoming generations)
  • e-Health

To achieve our goals, we have developed a line of skills for use across industries, divided into nine varieties of experimentation.


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