Best Tech Stories around the web #385

green energy


New process for turning CO2 into sustainable fuel by


Researchers have developed an innovative process for converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into methanol, a sustainable fuel, using solar energy. This breakthrough, published in the journal Sustainable Energy & Fuels, is based on a new material composed of copper anchored on nanocrystal carbonitride. This composition allows for an efficient interaction between electrons and CO2 under the influence of light, paving the way for the production of methanol.

This process uses photocatalysis, where light activates the electrons of a semiconductor material to react with CO2 and water, thereby producing methanol. Despite challenges related to the efficiency and selectivity of this method, the researchers have optimized the material to maximize its functional properties.

The development of alternative methods for converting CO2, a major contributor to global warming, is crucial. This research represents a significant step towards a better understanding of photocatalytic materials and the creation of highly selective and adjustable catalysts for the production of green fuels. For more details on this breakthrough and its implications for a sustainable future.

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