b<>com *Software Radio* [IoT]

A multi-standard SDR Modem solution for LPWA networks

Product presentation

More than 20 billion connected things are expected by 2020. While market expectations are huge, a handful of different technologies compete to provide connectivity to IoT nodes, thus leading to potential issues with interoperability, cost, performance and deployment.
To tackle those issues, b<>com *Software Radio* [IoT] was conceived to accommodate several proprietary and 3GPP-based access technologies, and to offer outstanding reception performance thanks to cutting- edge digital filtering and patented demodulation algorithms.

Key features

  • Versatile: wide range of systems and standards as LoRa and NB-IoT thanks to specific and flexible architecture
  • Efficient: patented signal processing techniques for unprecedented reception performance (1.5dB gain in sensitivity compared to commercial products)
  • Smart: strong data rate reduction (~1000x in LoRa) thanks to raw I/Q stream HW filtering


  • Limited HW cost and unbeatable scalability thanks to its unique C-RAN architecture
  • A single solution for both proprietary and cellular LPWANs
  • Enables new service opportunities thanks to outstanding reception performances
  • Guaranteed longevity built into reconfigurable HW and SDR approach

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