Accelerate and automate the deployment of my interoperable digital infrastructures

Wireless family

A family of software radio products for developing your own transmitting/receiving channel
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    The Wireless family allows you to build your own software radio transmission channel on FPGAs, from the digital front-end (filtering, resampling, quantification) to the channel coding/decoding blocks

    Based on your own system's constraints (sampling rate, useful signal bandwidth, adjacent channel rejection levels, etc.), you'll be able to determine the optimal filtering and resampling solution (by cascading elements like CIC, FIR, half-band filter, etc.), while optimizing quantification each step of the way.

    Channel encoding and decoding components (5G-NR, LDPC, and Polar Coding) are available in VHDL format for various FPGA suppliers.

    b<>com [Software Radio IoT]

    Since 2020, there are more than 20 billion connected things in the world since 2020. While market expectations are huge, a handful of different technologies compete to provide connectivity to IoT nodes, thus leading to potential issues with interoperability, cost, performance and deployment. To tackle those issues, b<>com [Software Radio IoT] was conceived to accommodate several proprietary and 3GPP-based access technologies, and to offer outstanding reception performance thanks to cutting-edge digital filtering and patented demodulation algorithms.

    Wireless Sotware Radio - teaser
    wireless family 5g
    b<>com [FIR Filter Designer]

    for high-performance design of intricate FIR filters

    bcom ldpc fec
    b<>com [LDPC FEC]

    A multi-standard LPDC channel processing product ready for 5G

    bcom polar fec
    b<>com [Polar FEC]

    A 3GPP 5G-New Radio Compliant Polar-Code IP

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