b<>com *Data SpotR*

The immersive solution for dataviz

b<>com *Data SpotR*, the immersive solution for dataviz

b<>com *Data SpotR* is a snap to use ! It can spotlight trends buried in complex data, unleashing your data’s potential. You need to analyze large amounts of data, visually discover correlation patterns or create innovative presentation media: b<>com *Data SpotR* is the solution you are looking for. It provides default visualization and analysis tools for geographical data and trends.

The performance and intuitiveness of the graphical user interface allow non-specialists to display their information and explore rapidly as many correlation views as needed. It allows you to explore your data with 2D or 3D striking visualizations or by immersing yourself in a data world.

Illustration with 3 digital trends of Digiworld Future 2016

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