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b<>com Ultra Marker

Video forensic watermarking


Studios, content owners, aggregators and distributors need to protect their value chain from piracy and illegal distribution. As described by MovieLabs in its “Specification for enhanced content protection for next generation video”, the use of forensic watermarking is encouraged for data loss prevention, especially for valuable assets like 4K, HDR and 360° contents. Designed without compromising transparency, security and efficiency, b<>com *Ultra Marker* is a breakthrough video marking technology for content protection.

Ultra Marker - bcom



  • Security
  • High robustness, including camcording
  • Anti-collusion codes ready to be integrated
  • Fast and fully automatic detection
  • Validated transparency



  • Real time embedding, including 4K video
  • Cloud ready embedding and detection
  • Available for server-side integration and Linux devices

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