Words from b<>com’s teams: Meeting with the Advanced Connectivity lab

We continue our labs tour with Carole and Charles. Respectively Deputy Manager and Research Engineer in the Advanced Connectivity lab, they work together to design the network architectures of tomorrow!

A computer science PhD with a specialization in mobile networks, Carole has worked on user mobility for over 15 years. After multiple stints in research labs at major device makers like Canon and Orange, she joined b<>com in January 2014 and is now Deputy Lab Manager.

A music lover, Charles began studying electronics after receiving his baccalaureat. “In the end, I discovered computing and signal processing and it made me want to go to engineering school.” After working as a contractor for major companies like Thalès, Orange, and Philips, Charles chose to specialize in digital television, and has collaborated with experts from Technicolor and Grass Valley. He joined b<>com’s teams in 2016 as a Research Engineer.