[VIDEO] b<>com's people: Interview with Amine Kacete

After graduating from the Ecole Polytechnique of Algiers and earning a Master in image processing from Télécom Paris, Amine joined b<>com in September 2013 as a PhD Student. Assigned to Supelec, his research relates to image processing and machine learning.

“When I was hired, there were fewer than 25 of us at b<>com. It was very impressive to see the IRT blossom, the labs being created, so many people arriving, the first demos... In the end, everything went up very quickly.”

After 3 years, b<>com asked him to stay on for a post-doc to work on applying machine learning to augmented reality issues. He is now assigned to the new Artificial Intelligence lab. ”My goal is to gain proficiency in artificial intelligence techniques in order to maximize their output and put them to use for our applications.”