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b-com at Santexpo 2023

SantExpo, the leading event in France’s health and medical-social sector, is taking place on May 23-25 in Paris. Carole Le Goff, Sales & Marketing Manager for Health, will be attending to showcase the DICOM solutions and b<>com’s solutions for cybersecurity and private 5G applied to healthcare.

Trends for 2023 at SantExpo

This year, SantExpo is championing health as the cornerstone of democracy.

A vast range of topics will be covered: current health trends include the green transition, health at local community level and prevention and actions in the field of cybersecurity.

2023 is also the year in which remote patient monitoring will become part of common lawwhat are the consequences for professionals and patients?

There is a lot of talk about harnessing digital innovation for the benefit of prevention and patient care: the digital tools supported by the eHealth investment program (SEGUR du Numérique en Santé) presented at SantExpo will address the many questions about organization and use, care and guidance for patients.

The ANS entrusts b<>com’s teams with the prototyping of the DRIMbox gateway extension 

One of the flagship projects of the SEGUR du Numérique is the extension of the shared medical record (DMP) to imaging data with the launch of the DRIM project. The goal is to enable patients, general practitioners and radiologists to view test results online, from the online health space of patients, through a gateway called DRIMbox. The French National Health Agency (ANS) entrusts b<>com’s teams with the specification and prototyping of this extension.

b<>com, alongside IHE catalyst, is supporting the ANS in writing specifications and developing a demonstrator. Developed in collaboration with KEREVAL, this will technically validate their implementation.

Dossier Medical partage

b<>com is launching its new range of *DICOM coaching* services to support publishers. This will give them guidance in understanding the specifications, the industrial implementation of their DRIMbox and the interoperability tests with the demonstrator developed by b<>com.

Thanks to this coaching, manufacturers can benefit from b<>com's experience in understanding specifications and the development of the DRIMbox, and they can carry out interoperability tests.

Learn more about these services and the DICOM family of products by making an appointment with our experts!

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A simulator to assess the cyber-robustness of medical devices

Cyberattacks are increasingly targeting the healthcare sector, making medical equipment unavailable and generating personal health data leaks, potentially putting patients’ lives in danger.

At the same time, amid the digitization of healthcare systems, development of preventive, predictive and personalized medicine and telemedicine, as well as the increasing connection of healthcare equipment, the risk of cyberattacks is on the rise.

The development of cybersecurity testing tools is therefore essential to assess the security, safety and efficiency of healthcare information systems before their roll-out and throughout their life cycle.

A taskforce led by the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber has been set up to develop a simulation platform for assessing the level of cyber-robustness of medical devices and healthcare software.

In association with AMOSSYS and DIATEAM, experts in attack simulation, b<>com has tailored its multi-factor authentication solution b<>com *Serenity* to the medical sector. As such, using b<>com’s *Serenity*, it is now possible to authenticate a medical imaging MD from the unique digital fingerprint of the equipment (PC or tablet, etc.).

multi-factor authentication

Amossys' Cyber Range for Health platform will be designed for medical device and healthcare software publishers, integrators and healthcare institutions who would like to have a testing platform to reduce the risk of cyberattacks through a preventive approach.

It will help to meet the need for compliance of a medical device or healthcare software with the regulatory requirements and recommendations on cybersecurity recently published by the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) or by the Coordination Group for Medical Devices.

AMOSSYS will be attending SantExpo:
Visit the BDI booth on Wednesday, May 24, at 11.45 am to learn more about the Cyber Range for Health solution.

Leveraging private 5G for the benefit of health

By rolling out a private 5G network within a critical care resuscitation unit, it is possible to respond quickly and easily to specific emergencies (such as the setting up of temporary units, for example).

Transmission of alarms from monitoring devices, reliability and security in the transmission of patient data and video-based patient supervision support are just some of the solutions available through the "Engage 5G and beyond" project, funded by the France 2030 Stimulus plan and supported by b<>com, with partners Orange, Rennes Teaching Hospital, Eurecom, EDF, Nokia Bell Labs and the Image & Réseaux cluster. Its objective is to build and operate a network of open, national and sovereign platforms offering services for 5G experimentation applied to health, energy and industry 4.0.

Engage 5G and beyond b-com

The b<>com teams are also working on creating the next generation of OR (operating room) ecosystems that are 5G compatible to improve patient outcomes. The trials will take place in the operating rooms of hospitals in Strasbourg, Berlin and Mannheim. b<>com is the provider and installer of the complete 5G network infrastructure for these trials.  This project is carried out in partnership with the Strasbourg University Hospital Institute (IHU), Fraunhofer IPA, Charité University Hospital in Berlin and Reutlingen University.

private 5G in health
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