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Our DICOM family and expertise in medical imaging is at the service of your healthcare institutions and of your medical devices. The DICOM family features b<>com [DICOM-RTV Converter], a solution for synchronized real-time medical video and metadata over IP, and b<>com [Rest DICOM Library], a proxy for web-based medical image downloads. Finally, regarding the Ségur du Numérique en Santé on access to radiological examinations from the Shared Medical Record, b<>com *DICOM coaching* services allow manufacturers to benefit from b<>com's experience in understanding the specifications and development of the DRIMbox, and carry out interoperability tests.

Dicom Family - Imagerie médicale - bcom

b<>com [DICOM-RTV Converter]

With the increasing number of procedures using video and live medical imaging equipment for therapeutic and diagnosis purposes, it is essential to provide the best-in-class assistance to the surgical team with smarter video and navigation systems. To ease the interoperability of such equipments inside the operating room (OR), b<>com has developed a solution that can be easily integrated into your product design.

b<>com [DICOM-RTV Converter] is a pure software module that allows the transport of uncompressed medical videos in real-time together with their associated metadata, in a synchronized way and in compliance with the DICOM-RTV standard.

Dicom Family - opération chirurgicale - bcom



  • A future proof plug and play solution.
  • Guarantee of conformance with the DICOM-RTV standard.
  • For OR Integrators: interoperability, integration costs reduction.
  • For Video equipment providers: DICOM-RTV standard conformance, easier metadata management.
  • For OR applications providers: easier video and data management while reducing the development costs.
  • For Surgeons: better surgical gesture assistance thanks to synchronized multiple video and data streams.



  • Video synchronization in real-time
  • Metadata management in real-time
  • Very low latency by design
  • High level API to configure and operate transfers

b<>com [Rest DICOM Library]

Image sharing, at the heart of the clinical path, is rapidly increasing across hospital departments, clinics and practices with needs for remote access anywhere. The b<>com [Rest DICOM Library] is a software stack designed for Medical Imaging web uploads in accordance with the DICOMweb™ standard (STOW, WADO, QIDO). It helps strengthen collaboration between physicians, medical imaging application providers and researchers. Physicians can obtain tele-expertise from experts. Medical Imaging application providers can get easily exams to provide personalized solutions. Research organizations can obtain de-identified studies for clinical trials.

Rest Dicom Library - b<>com


  • Easy to deploy: Only one DICOM proxy to install on the server side; Zero footprint on client side
  • Conform to standards: DICOM and http(s) standards
  • Ready for integration: Testing results, implementation examples including GUI, documentation and support are included in the package
  • Interoperability with any DICOM servers


  • File selection with drag & drop
  • Automatic parsing for grouping by study
  • On-the-fly compression, JPEG-LS
  • Automatic resume upload useful for large studies
  • De-identification and re-identification with asymmetric key encryption
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What if medical videos were automatically synchronized in real time, would that make your life easier?
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