Best Tech Stories around the web #358

DNA pulled from air


Your DNA Can Now Be Pulled From Thin Air. Privacy Experts Are Worried by

Environmental DNA research has aided conservation, but scientists say its ability to glean information about human populations and individuals poses dangers. Read more

DNA pulled from air


New York City’s skyscrapers are sinking the city — and climate change can make things worse by

NYC is sinking at a rate of about 1–2mm per year, although certain parts of lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and northern Staten Island are sinking at a faster rate of 2.75mm each year.  Read more

New York City sinking skyscrappers


Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan shocks audience after revealing he used ChatGPT to write speech by

Chinese Nobel laureate Mo Yan revealed he used ChatGPT to write a speech to praise fellow author Yu Hua. ‘I was supposed to write a commendation for [Yu Hua] as per tradition, but I struggled for several days,’ novelist said. Read more

Mo Yan uses AI


Lucy - Houston We Have a Podcast on

The Principal Investigator for NASA’s Lucy mission discusses the spacecraft’s 12-year journey to eight different asteroids as we look to better understand the formation of our solar system. Listen

Houston we have a podcast NASA


Augmented World Expo USA 2023

AWE's mission is to help the XR community advance Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology in order to further human progress. over the next decade, the Expo wants to enable people across the globe to learn, connect and grow within the XR industry. Learn more

b-com at AWE 2023