[ISE] Audiovisual trends, solutions, and partners: the cross-interview with our expert duo

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The 20th edition of Integrated Systems Europe, essential audiovisual exhibition in Europe, will occur from January 30 to February 2 in Barcelona. Tania Pouli, Deputy Director of the Image, Vision & Immersion lab, and Carole Le Goff, Sales & Marketing Manager, will present b<>com’s expertise for the audiovisual world. In the meantime, the duo talks to us about the expected trends and takes stock of our technologies!

The ISE show is in the corner. In your opinion, what are the major expected trends?

Carole: ISE is a convergence point between professional audiovisual and broadcasting worlds. More and more, audiovisual companies and agencies are taking control of their content distribution. Moreover, they distribute it directly to the end customer.
At ISE, you will find the latest technologies developed for the audiovisual market, such as tools based on AI for the automatic creation and content intelligent distribution; media servers with the latest codecs and transport technologies to deliver content at high frequency; cloud-based solutions to optimize video processing and security. Equipment will be noticed, with cameras offering better resolution and a greater color gamut or even LED screens with superior resolutions, a wider color gamut, high-frequency images, and improved viewing angles.

Tania: We will also find the latest innovations for producing immersive videos through 360-degree capture and VR alongside virtual production studios. Another interesting topic to discover: New shared virtual presentation spaces for conferences, seminars, or corporate events. Finally, we will see connectivity solutions leading to smart workplaces and smart homes.

b<>com *Sublima*, our SDR-HDR converter, has already proven itself for broadcast. How is it adapted to the audiovisual world, and what other solutions find critical uses there?

Tania: b<>com *Sublima* improves the representation of light in images with superior visual quality. It is a converter suitable for equipment such as wall screens, media servers, and encoders, and it is operable for screens in stadiums, large shopping malls, or conference rooms.
More recently, we launched b<>com *Wisdom*, an intelligent frame rate optimizer, which reduces the bandwidth requirement for streaming content without compromising quality. It is beneficial for media streaming servers!

Carole: For the content security dimension, we will also present b<>com *Tag*, our digital watermarking solution, which allows traceability and control of the content integrity. This watermarking solution protects videoconferencing, video surveillance, or corporate content production systems.

One of the great strengths of *Sublima* lies in its versatility, particularly in its compatibility with AMD and Intel chipsets.

Carole Le Goff

Marketing & Sales Manager

Several partners integrate *Sublima* into their technologies. What demos will be available at the show?

Carole: One of the great strengths of *Sublima* lies in its versatility, particularly in its compatibility with AMD and Intel chipsets. Our partners will present demos on each of its platforms:

  • On the Apantac booth, we invite visitors to discover the openGear OG-HDR-UDX module with a demonstration of *Sublima* integrated on an Intel FPGA. See you at booth 5H600!
  • At the AMD booth, we prepared a demo of *Sublima* on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU106 evaluation kit. It will be at booth 5D150!

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