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Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Television has been defined to improve the quality of experience.
The UHD specification enhances several technical dimensions such as the dynamic range or the
frame-rate. In particular, several studies have demonstrated that the High Frame Rate (HFR)
format (+100/120 fps) improves significantly the perceived video quality, especially for sport
content. On the other hand, HFR brings several challenges into the transmission chain, including
physical interfaces as well as higher processing complexity and bit-rate.

b<>com *Wisdom* is an AI based frame rate optimizer that adapts frame rate according to the
content. This solution reduces bandwidth requirements and storage capacity on video servers
while preserving the quality of experience of high frame rate source video. It’s also an energy efficient
solution, since less processing is required on the receiver side.


  • Efficient bandwidth management while preserving the user experience
  • Reduces storage capacity costs
  • Energy savings on video processing

key features

  • Reduces the number of frames that must be stored or processed in the global transmission chain
  • May be applied on the fly on compressed video in the transmission chain
  • No need to decode-reencode, simple NAL or TS packet dropping
  • Support of mezzanine format for production/post-production
  • Lightweight processing


video streaming

video broadcast

network congestions management

content distribution network

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