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Green energy


The North sea's role in green energy transition by

Kees van der Leun, ambassador of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2024, draws attention to a crucial topic: offshore wind energy. This energy source is essential for achieving Europe's climate goals in the 2040s. The need to reach net-zero emissions is driving the rapid development of wind energy in the North Sea, a task that requires collaboration among countries.

The EU aims for a significant reduction in its emissions by 2040. Offshore wind energy is at the heart of this plan. The goal is to install enough offshore wind capacity to produce a third of the electricity currently consumed by the EU. This strategy marks a shift towards more collaborative energy production, where several countries share wind resources.

In parallel, the production of green hydrogen is being highlighted. By 2035, 60% of the hydrogen used in the industry is expected to come from renewable sources. This indicates the importance of hydrogen as a complement to renewable energies. For storage, innovative options are being explored, such as using salt caverns and former gas fields, especially in the North Sea.

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