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*Tag* protects images that protect you
© Mikhail Volkov
© Mikhail Volkov

Today, multimedia content can easily be shared and, at the same time, diverted from their original use; it is important to be able to prove their authenticity and integrity. In the field of video surveillance, for example, a sequence can be requested for legal proceedings or insurance reimbursement in case of damage; how to prove that the image has not been modified? In the medical field, physicians need to know if the data they use for diagnosis are the original ones or if they have been processed by AI. How to guarantee the integrity of a video? On cybersecurity concerns, enterprises need to secure best practices when images are shared, to trace those shares, and to detect image leaks. b<>com *Tag* is a digital forensic watermarking solution to guarantee multimedia content source, authenticity, and integrity.


  • Reassure about the integrity of multimedia content
  • Prove the authenticity of the video sequence
  • Empower users who share sensitive data
  • Facilitate detection of the source of a leak


  • Security
  • High robustness
  • Easy integration
  • Detection of manipulation on video-sequences
  • Tested transparency
  • Configuration of embedded watermarks​​​​​​
  • Cloud readiness of detection framework

 Video surveillance for industrial sites, smart cities, law enforcement agencies

Confidential and sensitive content sharing (medical, video conference)

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