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Digital forensic watermarking for industrial applications
    © Mikhail Volkov
    © Mikhail Volkov

    Following the covid-19 pandemic, industrials tend to make a broad use of video conferencing, sharing confidential information and material during online meetings. It is therefore crucial to prevent illicit propagation of this information by giving them the means to identify sources of potential leaks. Besides, the authenticity of pictures or video sequences captured from surveillance cameras must be proven, to be used in a legal procedure (illegal intrusions, accidents or damages following environmental disasters...). By embedding a user-specific watermark in downlink video-conferencing streams or device-specific watermark in content originating from surveillance cameras, b<>com *Tag* satisfies the two afore mentioned use cases.


    • Imperceptible and undetectable watermarking
    • Irrefutable identification of sources of information leaks
    • Establishment of video sequence authenticity​​​​​​


    • Security
    • High robustness
    • Easy integration
    • Detection of manipulation on video-sequences
    • Tested transparency
    • Configuration of embedded watermarks​​​​​​
    • Cloud readiness of detection framework

    Video conferencing

    Video surveillance of critical sites, of domestic locations

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