Best Tech Stories for Christmas!

This week, discover the Best Tech Stories for Christmas season. On the program: an AI writes Christmas corals, Christmas trees in AR and a futuristic concept-car for Santa's sleigh... Merry Christmas!

This AI tried to write Christmas carols, and the results are hilarious by

Elon Musk is terrified that artificial intelligence might spell the end of humanity.Thankfully, it looks like we're not quite there yet. Colorado-based research scientist Janelle Shane has trained a neural network (a type of machine-learning algorithm) to write its own Christmas carols, and the results are...interesting. Read more

Target's Christmas Tree Sales Aided by Augmented-Reality Feature by

Target Corp.’s augmented-reality shopping tool has Christmas trees selling at twice the normal rate, according to a company official. Read more

Supersonic Santa Sleigh by Renault Sport by

At Christmas Time, Renault Sport reveals a concept dedicated to Santa Claus. The car manufacturer offers him a new sleigh called Santa Sleigh R.S., with impressive characteristics : from 0 to 100 km/h in few thousandths of second with 8000 horsepower. Read more