Best Tech Stories around the web #247

This week: a jet engine that works without fossil fuels, Arthur Mamou-Mani seeks game designers to create the virtual Burning Man installation and, Tom Cruise is working with NASA on the first movie filmed in space.


Scientists Create a Prototype 'Air Plasma' Engine That Works Without Fossil Fuels by

A prototype jet engine can propel itself without using any fossil fuels, potentially paving the way for carbon-neutral air travel. The device compresses air and ionizes it with microwaves, generating plasma that thrusts it forward, according to research published Tuesday in the journal AIP Advances. That means planes may someday fly using just electricity and the air around them as fuel. Read more


Arthur Mamou-Mani seeks game designers to help realise virtual Burning Man installation by

Architect Arthur Mamou-Mani has called for help to turn a timber amphitheatre designed for this year's Burning Man into a virtual experience after the desert festival was cancelled. Read more


Tom Cruise will work with NASA on first movie filmed in space, NASA says by

NASA is working with Tom Cruise to film the first movie shot in space, according to NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. The details of the project aren’t clear, but Bridenstine says the film will take place aboard the International Space Station. Read more