Best Tech Stories around the web #227

This week: Tesla's new Solar Roof, VR cities in real-world, Ying Gao's "chameleon-like" autonomous dresses, Ghostly Cosmic Face captured and, the Kikk Festival in Belgium.


Tesla’s new Solar Roof costs less than a new roof plus solar panels, aims for install rate of 1K per week by

Tesla has launched the third iteration of its solar roof tile for residential home use, which it officially detailed in a blog post on Friday and in a call with media. Read more

Microsoft’s DreamWalker lets you see VR cities during real-world walks by

A newly released video of DreamWalker shows how the company expects to turn real-world walks into VR experiences, using a combination of inside-out tracking and GPS data to avoid dangerous obstacles. Read more


Ying Gao's "chameleon-like" autonomous dresses react to their surroundings by

Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao has created a pair of robotic dresses that respond to their environment by rippling, expanding and contracting as if they are alive. Read more


Ghostly Cosmic Face Captured by Hubble by

In celebration of Halloween, this new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope captures two galaxies of equal size in a collision that appears to resemble a ghostly face. This observation was made on 19 June 2019 in visible light by the telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys. Read more


Kikk Festival, 31st  October 3rd November, Namur Wallonia Belgium

KIKK is an non-profit association that promotes digital and creative cultures. We create bridges between art, culture, science and technology through the organization of event and educational projects as well as the production of artworks and support to creative projects. Discover the event