Best Tech Stories around the web #209

This week: A medical app uses your smartphone’s camera to carry out lab tests at home, Artists around the world imagine the future of interiors, Felix & Paul Studios releases a scary new VR Film ‘Gymnasia’, an AI death metal band plays non-stop on Youtube and FMX 2019 starts on April 30.


A medical app uses your smartphone’s camera to carry out lab tests at home by

Healthy-io’s system means patients at risk for kidney failure don’t have to visit the clinic—and has boosted the number who take the vital tests, it was announced today. Read more


Artists Around the World Imagine the Future in Metropia 2042 Challenge by

Nearly 2,500 artists from 110 countries took on the challenge of visualizing a futuristic world steeped in cutting-edge technology, as part of Metropia 2042, sponsored by NVIDIA and ArtStation. Metropia 2042 is the biggest 3D challenge to date from ArtStation, a platform where artists share their work and engage with others in their community. Read more


Felix & Paul Studios’ Scary New VR Film ‘Gymnasia’ by

The Emmy award-winning VR filmmakers from Felix & Paul Studios have teamed up with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) for a new VR film dubbed “Gymnasia” that is set to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month — and judging from the trailer that the studio exclusively shared with Variety, it’s going to be scary… Read more


Meet Dadabots, the AI death metal band playing non-stop on Youtube by

Depending on your tolerance for loud, relentless heavy metal music, this latest example of AI-generated creativity could be either glorious ear candy or the aural equivalent of waterboarding. Currently live-streaming on YouTube is a non-stop, algorithmically-generated torrent of technical death metal, and regardless of one's personal musical taste, it's undeniably an impressive example of machine-driven creativity. Read more


FMX 2019 : From April 30, Stuttgart

FMX – Conference on Animation, Effects, Games and Immersive Media is an event by Filmakademie’s Animationsinstitut. It takes place at the exclusive Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart every spring. There, media creators share insights into the latest creative developments of their productions and present cutting-edge tools and pipelines, fascinating real time technologies and innovative business models. Read more