Best Tech Stories around the web #202

This week: Tesla launches a new generation of superchargers, Goodyear designs a tire that could help cars fly, the death of Jibo the social robot and NASA and Google create huge, stunning visual universe!


First look at Tesla’s new V3 Supercharger in action by

Tesla launched V3 Supercharging for Model 3 yesterday and it’s not just an announcement. The first station is available to some Tesla owners in an early access program and now we can see the new Tesla fast-charging station in action. Read more


Goodyear designed a tire that could help cars fly by

Flying cars, though still very much science fiction, could one day disrupt Goodyear's tire business. If flying cars ever take over the roadways — and skyways — Goodyear would want a chunk of that market. Read more


The lonely death of Jibo, the social robot by

We knew this moment was coming — we just never expected it to arrive so soon. Jibo owners all over are reporting a final death rattle from their beloved home robot. The last message finds Jibo announcing the imminent shutdown of it serve. Read more


NASA teams with Google to create huge, stunning visual universe by

The "Once Upon A Try" project celebrates the inventions of humankind and explores NASA's extensive image archives.
Read more