Best Tech Stories around the web #196

This week: China completes world’s first 5G remote surgery, Nike presents self-lacing shoes, an AI capability to enhance reasoning about complex world events, AR on windshield and Tesla is giving away a Model 3 to a hacker who can crack it.


First 5G Remote Surgery Completed In China by

China completes world’s first 5G remote surgery in test on animal. Read more

DARPA wants to build an AI to find the patterns hidden in global chaos by

A new program at the research agency is aimed at creating a machine learning system that can sift through the innumerable events and pieces of media generated every day and identify any threads of connection or narrative in them. Read more


You can lace Nike's Adapt BB shoes with a smartphone app, but that's just the beginning by

Nike provided a glimpse of what the future of footwear could look like by introducing the first self-lacing smart basketball shoe. Read more


Hyundai and WayRay Demo Augmented-Reality Navigation System at CES 2019 by

The two companies believe augmented reality could replace conventional head-up displays. Read more


Tesla is giving a Model 3 away to a hacker who can crack it by

Tesla has been working closely with white hat hackers for years in order to make its vehicle software safer and now it’s taking an unprecedented step: it’s going to be giving away a Model 3 to a hacker who can crack the vehicle. Read more