Best Tech Stories around the web #194

This week: a digital twin to save your life, an unlikely $4500 computer and the TOP 10 large-scale artworks of 2018.


What are digital twins? And how can they help medtech? by

Thierry Marchal, global industry director for healthcare, construction and consumer products at ANSYS explains the effect digital twins is having on healthcare and on medtech. Read more


Cemtrex Smart Desk PC system from $4,500 by

Cemtrex has built a new computer system integrated into a standing desk complete with three monitors and a wealth of connections including USB-C, audio and more. Read more 


TOP 10 large-scale artworks of 2018 by

Nothing quite makes an impression like a large piece of art, enveloping the viewer and dominating a space. it can be a fully immersive experience or a standalone piece that’s overwhelmingly large, both have the potential to turn a museumophobe into an art fanatic. from twisting escalators set in a parisian department store, a memphis-inspired mega mural, and the world’s first underwater coralarium, 2018 was a wonderfully diverse year for large scale art. Read more