Best Tech Stories around the web #180

Back from holidays, discover our review of the best tech stories of this summer: an AR head-up display by Apple for self-driving cars, Uber's new partnerships for flying cabs, liquid printed bags by the MIT, a 3D-printed shirt that let's you breath underwater, Dinsey's first VR movies Cycles and the Mutek Festival to celebrate digital creativity and electronic music in Montreal.


Apple self-driving cars could have AR windshields perfect for FaceTime by

Your car could act a lot more like your iPhone in the future — at least according to Apple patent filings for an augmented reality windshield. Read more

Uber partners with UT Austin and US Army Research Labs on flying cabs by

Uber has added the University of Texas at Austin to its list of partners as it tries to turn its flying taxis into a reality. The company is also working with the US Army Research Laboratory on a project to develop rotor technology for the vehicles. Uber wants to start testing UberAIR cabs by 2020 and have commercial service in its launch cities of Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Dubai by 2023. Read more


MIT self-assembly lab uses rapid liquid printing to create bags and lights within minutes by

MIT’s self-assembly lab has unveiled a collection of functional objects at new york’s patrick parrish gallery using rapid liquid printing – the future of 4D design. presented in the exhibition liquid to air: pneumatic objects, the collection comprises the latest since the team first presented the advancement rapid liquid printing and its ability to create bags within minutes. Read more

Amphibio is a 3D-printed shirt that lets you breathe underwater by

The globe is warming, and the seas are rising. By 2100, the flooding of coastal cities could displace billions of people whose coastline has been submerged. And while we might mitigate some of this through resilient urban planning, the human species itself might have to adapt to survive. Read more


Disney’s first VR movie Cycles is a tear-jerker, says director Jeff Gipson by

Every home quietly tells a story. As a crib is swapped for a bunk-bed, the indents on the carpet are hidden away; pictures of siblings and parents hung above the stairs leave little imprints on the wall; and doorframes are adorned with horizontal lines that mark how fast a child has grown. As a family transforms, their home leaves clues of their development. Read more


What To Expect from this Week MUTEK Festival by

This upcoming Wednesday, one of Montreal finest Music & Arts festival will spread all across the city for another out-of-this-world celebration of digital creativity and electronic music.  On August 22, MUTEK is coming back for a 19th edition that’s offering a impressive line-up – Featuring performances from Machine Woman, Lawrence English, Pye Corner Audio, Caterina Barbieri, Floorplan, Lanark Artefax, JASSS and about a hundred more. Read more