Best Tech Stories around the web #170

This week : a new way to automatically build road maps, an oxygen mask that uses augmented reality to assists pilots, the Eminem AR show at Coachella and Lego-compatible furniture from an italian design studio.


A new way to automatically build road maps from aerial images by

“RoadTracer” system from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory could reduce workload for developers of apps like Google Maps. Read more

ODG's Newest Wearable Allows FedEx Pilots to Use Augmented Reality to Navigate Emergency Situations by

On Thursday, Osterhout Design Group (ODG) revealed a new, specially-crafted oxygen mask that uses the same augmented reality technology from its smartglasses to assist FedEx Express pilots navigating dangerous conditions. Read more


The Eminem AR show by

With the debut of his Eminem Augmented app at Coachella last night, hip hop’s not-so-merry prankster took the (somewhat revolutionary) step of embracing the machine that so many musicians have raged against — by building an experience that actually enhances the way modern fans see live music. Read more


Furniture Made Fun! LEGO-Compatible Furniture by

Some of us will never grow up, and today we take a look at another reason why. Today we get a look at some LEGO-compatible furniture. For many of us, LEGOs were a big part of our childhoods as we built and created all sorts of things with those iconic blocks. Now the good folks over at Studio NINE and Coria, LEGOs can be apart of your adult life. Read more