Best Tech Stories around the web #169

This week: a robot bat fly, scientists grow vegetables under soilless, sunless conditions in antarctica and the moon in a stunning 4K video.


Watch This Robot Bat Fly Into Your Nightmares via

Industrial automation company Festo churned out another nature-inspired robot with the Bionic Flying Fox. In a video, the robotic fox—or, just a bat, if you want to be less fancy about it—drops from the ceiling and maneuvers around a room with half-gliding, half-flapping motions that propel it forward. Read more


Scientists grow vegetables under soilless, sunless conditions in antarctica via

Team of german scientists have harvested first crop of vegetables grown under soilless, sunless conditions. working with the german aerospace center (DLR), the scientists and engineers assembled a high-tech greenhouse from container parts to explore possible ways of growing fresh produce during missions in outer space. Read more


Tour the moon in this stunning 4K video via

The moon may be a near constant in the night sky, but unless you're looking through a high-power telescope, you rarely get to see the craggy satellite in much detail. That is, until now. NASA is taking Earthlings on a stunning 4K virtual tour of the moon, which you can see for yourself in the video below. Read more