Best Tech Stories around the web #151

On the program this week: New AlphaGo AI learns without help from humans, Wi-Fi network at risk of unprecedented hacking attack and Dubai police test out hovering motorbikes.

DeepMind’s Go-playing AI doesn’t need human help to beat us anymore by

Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind has unveiled the latest version of its Go-playing software, AlphaGo Zero. The new program is a significantly better player than the version that beat the game’s world champion earlier this year, but, more importantly, it’s also entirely self-taught. Read more

The Flawed System Behind the Krack Wi-Fi Meltdown by

On Monday, the security community scrambled to unpack Krack, a fundamental vulnerability in the ubiquitous, secure Wi-Fi network standard known a WPA2. Though some of the most popular devices are mercifully already protected (like most of those that run Windows and iOS), a staggering population remains exposed to data theft and manipulation every time they connect to WPA2 Wi-Fi. But as another interminable patching process begins, a different conversation is picking up, too, about how to catch flaws in crucial standards more quickly, and make it easier to patch them. Read more

Dubai police test out hovering motorbikes to join future patrol fleet by

Dubai police are testing out futuristic hovering motorbikes which they hope will one day from part of its hi-tech patrol fleet. Not content with Ferrari and Lamborghini supercars, the tech-savvy force are now looking to invest in innovative new ways of fighting crime and protect the public. The hoverbike concept, developed by Russian company Hoversurf, was unveiled at Dubai’s Gitex Technology week. Read more