Best Tech Stories around the web #145

On the program this week: A VR game you can control with your mind, facial recognition payments at the restaurant, Waymo’s cars soften prior to impact to help protect pedestrians and SpaceX’s new spacesuit.

A game you can control with your mind by

When you pull the headset over your eyes and the game begins, you are transported to a tiny room with white walls. Your task is to break out of the room, but you cannot use your hands. There is no joystick or game pad. You must use your thoughts. Read more

Alibaba debuts ‘smile to pay’ facial recognition payments at KFC in China by

China is streets ahead when it comes to digital payments. The latest leap is facial recognition technology that allows a customer to pay by literally flashing a smile. Read more

Waymo’s cars could soften prior to impact to help protect pedestrians by

If we're ever unlucky enough to be struck by a moving vehicle, one that softens on impact should help to reduce injuries. Read more

Elon Musk posts first photo of SpaceX’s new spacesuit by

Early Wednesday morning, SpaceX founder Elon Musk posted a photo of the spacesuit that will be used by astronauts flying aboard the company's Dragon spacecraft, perhaps as early as next year. It is white and looks futuristic. Read more