Best Tech Stories around the web #139

On the program this week: the incredible NIKE's unlimited stadium in Manila, a smart bike lighting system uses lasers to make cyclists more visible, a Flying Car Project by Toyota and Super Mario Bros in augmented reality.

NIKE's unlimited stadium in manila is the 'world's first LED running track' by

In the center of manila, NIKE has constructed a pop-up arena that has been dubbed the ‘world’s first full-size LED running track’. taking over an entire city block, the layout of ‘unlimited stadium’ is derived from the footprint of NIKE’s LunarEpic running shoe. the 200 meter-track, which takes the form of a figure-eight, is lined with LED screens, where up to 30 runners can take part in a virtual race against themselves. Read more

Smart bike lighting system uses lasers to make cyclists more visible by

Designed to be an open source, do-it-yourself project, the BikeSphere is a smart lighting system that will help cyclists stay more visible on the road. Read more

Toyota Backs Radical Flying Car Project That Will Light Tokyo's Olympic Flame In 2020 by

Japan’s auto companies have ambitious goals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Industry heavyweights like Toyota and Nissan are planning autonomous vehicles to ferry athletes between the Olympic village and various sporting venues around Tokyo Bay. And Toyota is working on a new retro-styled London cab-inspired taxi slated for launch in 2020. Read more

Super Mario Bros. in AR offers a peek at the future of gaming by

Everything old is new again. Old, in this case, is the NES classic that introduced many of us to gaming. New, is a recently re-designed level using HoloLens that allows players to become their favorite fictional Italian plumber through the power of augmented reality. Read more